DYE Entity M3s

August 20, 2018
Your first video breakdown for the super limited (1 of only 50) DYE Entity M3s, the first non-team private label DYE Paintball milled offering in over 13 years. This marker is not only a top performing workhorse but a celebrtation of the history of custom and iconic design. We approached this joint project with DYELabs with huge emphasis on the finest details on both the aestetics and performance of this marker. The result? A modern day celebration of a historic team, an innovative company and a legendary of custom design. It's all in the details... - 3D Contoured Iconic "Squid" Milling - Vintage Retro Matrix Badges - Vintage Matrix Milled UL Backs - Spare Tentacle "S" Trigger - Retro Matrix LED Bootup Screen - XCII Performance Tuning - FL-21 "Red Bolt" - Original Entity Polished Colorways - Limited to 50 TOTAL MARKERS Worldwide Never to to reproduced. Get yours today... https://committedpaintball.com/collections/dye-markers

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Committed Paintball 2.0
Committed Paintball 2.0

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